Power your breaks with TimeFit

Let us help you create positive habits
and stay healthier and happier than ever!

I rediscovered productivity

Power Breaks are a miracle, I not only feel healthier but much happier as well. I have never realized I can be so productive. Coffee breaks are great but in the long term TimeFit is the answer.

Natalia, 25 years old

How it works

You choose fitness and dietary plans that fit you best

You set the timer to schedule breaks from work

We tell you how to transform your break into a Power Break

Measure your progress and improve

3 pillars of your
Power Break

The most innovative approach
to breaks from work.


You are only as old as your spine is healthy. Stretching and quick workouts are our speciality.


Snacks are a necessity at work. We make sure that your diet is nutritious and keeps you energetic.


We never remember about our eyes, and we should! Give them a well-deserved break with TimeFit.

Diet tailored for you!

Diet is an essence of your wellbeing. Our dietary plans are designed to keep you healthy and productive in the harsh office environment.

  • Snack diets for those who have their own plans for dinner
  • Shopping list to make your life easier
  • Water intake tracker to keep you hydrated
  • 1/3 screens

New approach to fitness!

Healthy body, healthy mind. Few stretching exercises during a Power Break can do wonders. And for those who want to sweat, there are 2-minute intense workouts available too.

  • Stretching exercises that can be done in any office
  • Short, intense workouts for those who want to sweat
  • You don’t need to be a fitness freak to stay in shape
  • 1/3 screens

Don’t forget about the eyes!

Give your eyes a Power Break from all the work they do in the office. How? We designed a number of exercises that will be perfect for that.

  • Eyes resting techniques for anyone
  • To-Do list that finally prevents micromanagement
  • Beautiful statistics that will help you make a change